What We Do


Corporations and law firms are interested in both the early monetization of claims and the sharing of litigation expenses. This is true even when they are confident of success. Through our managed fund, Juridica provides financial and risk transfer solutions to claim holders and law firms.

Juridica provides strategic capital and risk mitigation strategies through structured investment products. It’s capital source is Juridica Investments Limited, a London Stock Exchange/AIM-listed investment fund.  As such, Juridica’s clients enjoy capital commitments originating from a stable capital pool. Juridica also partners and co-invests with other leading financial institutions and insurers in London and New York.

Juridica adds more than financial resources and risk mitigation to interested parties, it adds economic value through the deployment of proprietary strategies. It’s market tested processes, and unique case evaluation systems enable Juridica to actively monitor case progression on an ongoing basis. The ability to actively monitor its portfolio coupled with in-house legal and financial expertise enables Juridica to enhance the value of the claim by anticipating and neutralizing problems that might otherwise compromise the successful prosecution of a claim.