Our Core Values


Our Customers:

  • Our customers are our most valued assets.
  • We endeavor to respond timely to all customer inquiries in a timely fashion.
  • We treat all customer communications and information as highly confidential.
  • We seek to provide win/win solutions to our customers and their counsel.


  • Ongoing dialogue with the directors and advisors of the funds we manage.
  • Constant communication with investors.

Rigorous Risk & Process Management:

  • We believe that rigorous underwriting, ongoing monitoring and risk management is key to capital preservation.
  • We seek to improve our proprietary proccesses by deliberately and methodically reassessing them in all novel situations.


  • We have attracted and established a world class multi-disciplinary team of investment professionals, litigators/litigation managers, and risk managers.
  • We are committed to constant improvement through ongoing training and process building.

Alignment of Interests among all Stakeholders:

  • We believe in creating win-win-win economic structures for claimants, claimants’ counsel and our investors.